Buyer’s Basic Guide to Dog Crates

Which is the Best Heavy duty indestructible dog crate you can get for your dog?

You love having your dogs at home, but one thing that you can’t tolerate about them is when they chew on some of your most valued possessions or they eat up the linen. You did buy them a cage, but they were able to get out from it, even if you did properly lock them. If you are blaming the dog cage for not doing its work properly, it may have something to do with the kind of dog cage that you bought for your dog. Is it an indestructible dog cage? If this is your first time hearing about such a dog cage, you have come to the right place.

You are not alone with your troubles. Several households face the problem of letting their pet dog remain in their cage, but at some point in time, they tend to ‘eat’ their way out. These are aggressive dogs wherein you need to make use of an escape proof dog crate. There are such dog crates available in the market, not to mention hundreds of them. While it may have been easier if you could just pull out one of these indestructible dog crates, there are factors that you need to consider before you buy one.

Introducing Heavy Duty Dog Kennel

Some dog breeds are known for being very skill escape artists. They make use of their powerful jaws just to destroy anything they see getting in their way.

Don’t underestimate small dogs. Even such size they can still find the weakest point that they can exploit. This applies to dog crates of lesser quality. The chance for your dog to escape from such cages increases as time passes when your dogs are left unsupervised. When dogs get bored, they only have one thing that they want to do, which is to escape.

Most of those that want to own a heavy duty dog kennel are those that own Pitbull breed since they are known to have very powerful claws and jaws. If this is your type of breed, all the more you need an indestructible dog crate, Pitbull, ensuring you that your dog is well contained in their crate without destroying the crate if they wish to get out. It should also be a crate that won’t open easily, as dogs are considered one of the most intelligent animals that love to work it out when they find a weak spot, especially on dog crates.

For dogs that are apparently very dominant or aggressive, that does not seem to want to sit quietly, a heavy duty metal dog crate is best for you.

Is it Good to Crate Your Dog?

Many people have built this misconception about how it makes them guilty caging their dogs. It feels like they are living in prison. However, dogs are dogs. Like humans, they also have a natural instinct that they feel comfortable with, like living inside a den that is good enough for them to stretch and curl to sleep. The dogs need the ‘den’ in order to satisfy their needs of being protected against predators, or at least the kind of feeling that they are safe. Dog crates are also practical for training dogs and also a tool for housebreaking since dogs are averse in naturally soiling their den. The extra strong crates are highly recommended for puppies and dogs that have aggressive behaviors. They tend to chew and destroy their surroundings.

Dog crates are also necessary when you take your dogs on the air. They function as a travel box for your pet dogs. What’s more, airlines have established regulations in relation to dog crates that have passed security in the plane’s hold. Dog crates are useful in selected hotels that accept dogs, as long as they are kept in their kennel. The use of the dog kennel prevents damage to furnishings and carpets in the hotels.

Experts advise that you give a dog kennel for your pooch starting from puppyhood all the way to adulthood. With this in mind, some of you might be thinking about just getting the biggest dog crate you can find. This way you get to save money and your puppy gets to use the same crate when they grow up. However, this will only create more anxiety to your puppy when there’s too much legroom or space for them to go about. Experts advise against it, but the same huge dog kennel can still be used when you utilize a divider, which is usually sold separately. Some of them even come with removable doors that are useful when the dogs have already been fully housebroken, thus it creates a den hideaway where they feel comfortable and safe.

Considerations for heavy duty dog cage and kennels

The very first thing that every heavy duty dog crate buyer must consider is the size. This wholly depends on the kind of dog that you own. There is a golden rule that helped thousands of dog owners when it comes to choosing the right size – when you are in doubt, it is best that you go for a slightly larger one than the one you had in mind. It is also a recommendation that puppy owners should get crates where dogs can grow with it into adulthood.

Don’t forget that you must get the right crate size for your dog. The most important factor here that you must base your option from when choosing the crate size is the overall size of the dog rather than their weight. Dogs are expected to be housed inside a dog kennel that comes with a minimum measurement of 6 inches longer compared to their body’s length. The dog crate’s height should also be 6 inches higher compared to their shoulder height. If you stick to these specifications, you ensure the comfort and happiness of your pet dog.

Portability and Build Quality of Heavy Duty Dog Crates

The next big thing that you need to consider is portability. Some dog owners prefer to buy a dog crate that they can transport anywhere, but this can’t be done mostly with heavy duty dog kennel. You will need to think about where the dog cage is going to be most of the time – is it at home or are you going to bring your dog anywhere? There are a couple of dog crates in the market today that is not only heavy duty but also collapsible, which is obviously designed for travels. If you are going for the travel crate, the material of your choosing must either be aluminum or wood as this provide portability and strength. As with steel dog kennel heavy duty, it provides maximum strength and even also the value of your money.

The build quality of the dog kennel is very important because it will affect how durable it is to withstand against dogs or puppies that are very aggressive in trying to escape from the cage. Never miss the build quality of the cage as loose quality can break the dog cage easily.

Which indestructible dog crates to avoid with troublesome dogs

The wooden dog cage is greatly recommended for dogs that do not chew or escape from the cage, but the opposite is not ideal – particularly among dogs that are skillful escape artists!

Crates that have multiple entrances are not any good for troublesome dogs as this will encourage them to exploit such weak points.

All the more troublesome dogs are not recommended with small crates as this will encourage them to escape from it.

Heavy Duty Dog Kennel Reviews

At this point, you will learn various dog crates that meet all the aforementioned requirements above for a heavy duty dog cage that provides great value for your money. The following dog cage reviews range from those in the budget, mid-range and all the way to premium.

Impact Case Stationary Dog Crate

If you wish to have an escape proof dog crate wherein there is no exception, then this is the right dog crate to go with. This dog cage is considered the ultimate dog crate that is indestructible. This dog cage is made in the US, it is a robust .063 aluminum, thus suggesting that it is of high quality. The aluminum material suggests that the overall weight of the dog cage is light, thus making it easy to move it around. Aluminum is also highly resistant to corrosion, which is why you see most pet shops use the aluminum cages because they can use it as long as they want without having to worry about rust eating up the material. This is the best investment to make, especially if you are planning to have another dog in the long run or when you have this dog cage passed to the next generation. This is a highly recommended and to be considered since most dogs can live up to 20 years. It is also compliant for air travel, too!

The crate comes with a 3/8 inches round bars that are welded into the cage. It also comes with a cross bar that provides maximum stability, thus making it impossible for dogs to escape from it. The bars offer impact protection to the dog crate, which is then considered a heavy duty cage. The dog crate has a lockable feature through its marine grade hardware that is latched onto the cage, providing optimum security. The locking feature locks right into its place automatically, which makes it a hassle-free security.

Other features include handles that make it easy to carry the dog cage, stackable, powder coated inside and outside, IATA compliant, and composite corners.

There are various sizes available for this particular dog cage, from small to XX-Large. The small sized cage has exterior dimensions of 21 inches length x 16 inches width x 15 inches height with interior dimensions of 27 inches length x 20 inches width x 19 inches height. The XX-large’s exterior dimensions measure at 41 inches length x 33.5 inches width x 26 inches height. Its interior dimensions measure at 42Lx34Tx25.5W.

This is the best if you wish to have a dog cage with premium quality, lightweight, and available in various colors and sizes. However, with the premium features, expect this dog cage to be quite expensive. It also looks intimidating like it suggests something else to the onlooker. It is also non-collapsible. Most of all, this is a heavy duty dog crate.

Impact Case Collapsible Dog Cage

Like many other products wherein the best comes with a price, this Impact Case Collapsible Dog Cage is one of them! This is one of those escape proof dog crates that is made with the complete precision of its quality. With .063 aluminum, it makes the dog cage lighter by 20 percent at 41 pounds compared to any other dog crates that belong to this category. The aluminum’s strength found in this crate is complemented with robust rivets. Again, the aluminum material is resistant to corrosion, making the whole cage a good investment, especially if you want to have a cage that can last for decades. It is important that you consider such features in your dog crate.

The Impact Case Stationary dog crate is the one for you if you don’t consider the need for portability and prioritize with the maximum-security crate. As it is an escape proof, this dog cage is also fully collapsible. When you break it down, it has a total measurement lower than 8 inches in its height, which makes it very convenient for storage when the dog cage is not in use. Security is one of the most noticeable features and even a key design focus. This dog cage comes with an industrial style wherein its round bars are measured at 3/8 inches, providing amazing cage stability. This dog cage also comes with amazing comfort and safety for pets inside it. Its paint is mainly gray powder, but done so for a reason – it is made to deflect heat as there are lots of openings and holes that encourages airflow into the interior of the cage.

The sizes available in this kind of dog crate are medium, large and x-large. Medium’s exterior dimensions are measured at 31 inches length x 22 inches width x 23 inches height. Interior dimensions are 30 inches length x 19 inches width x 22 inches height. The x-large’s exterior dimension measures 41 inches length x 25 inches width x 29 inches height. Interior dimensions at 40 inches length x 22 inches width x 28 inches height.

The common reasons why a lot of buyers love this dog cage is because it is a very robust dog crate, not to mention it is collapsible and lightweight. However, just like many other premium products, this is a pricey dog cage, it also looks intimidating, not to mention there is no small size available in the market.

Proselect Empire Dog Kennel

A mid-range heavy duty dog kennel, the Proselect Empire Dog Cage is entirely made a solid and durable crate that is offered in 2 sizes. This is one of those steel dog kennels heavy duty that has a side door, thus making security well done. While some stainless steel is just claimed, this one is finished well that protects the steel bars against rust. This dog crate is made indestructible against any attack from aggressive or dominant dogs using durable tubing made out of steel that is latched onto the double doors. This means there is no more escaping or chewing on your dog.

There is no portability feature on this dog cage as it doesn’t have collapse ability. Because it is made out of steel, it can be quite heavy. The dog crate comes with 4 locking casters that are detachable, allowing this crate to be maneuvered easily through the floor to various areas. This Proselect cage is claimed to be excellent in being an indestructible dog cage, yet offered at a very reasonable price, which is not that close with the lightweight and collapsible counterparts.

Because of the simple construction of this dog cage, it makes it easy to clean. All you need is just take the cage at the back of the yard, give it a good hosing and it will clean up pretty much easily. Even the dirtiest parts can be cleaned effortlessly. This dog cage also comes with a floor tray that is best for dogs that are prone on soiling or for caging puppies. The floor tray comes in black color, which you can slide it and out easily.

Like it is said above, this Proselect is available only in two sizes – medium and large. Medium’s exterior dimensions are 37 inches length x 25 1/8 inches width x 33 3/4 inches height. Its interior dimensions are 35 3/4 inches length x 23 1/2 inches width x 24 1/2 inches height. Large’s exterior dimensions are 42 1/4 inches length x 30 3/4 inches width x 41 1/4 inches height, while its interior dimensions are 40 3/4 inches length x 28 1/8 inches width x 31 3/4 inches height.

The advantages of this dog cage is that it is made out of robust 20 gauge steel, caster wheels for easy movement and a slidable tray. The disadvantages of this dog crate is that it is quite heavy, there is no collapsible feature and the food pieces can fall onto the tray. This means that this dog cage is only best as a home only use. It can never be traveled in different places because of its heavy weight.

The very first item that you will get the first time you own a dog is a dog crate. Most first-time dog owners worry about which dog crate they should buy, but usually, they only get one that fits the size of their dog. Many commit mistakes of buying dog crates, especially when they base it on the size of their dog or puppy. In some cases, dog owners feel discouraged about buying dog crates due to the reason that it ‘cages’ dogs inside – locking them like they don’t have any freedom. But this shouldn’t be the case at all. Dog owners, like you whether it is your first time or not, should not feel guilty about putting your dogs in a crate. The dog crate is there as a basic discipline you can ever give your dog. What’s more, you’ll be surprised that an indestructible dog crate can keep your dog safe – because dogs feel like the environment is like a den to them. They still retain the characteristics and qualities of their ancestors.

Before domesticated animals came into the picture, wild dogs prefer to shelter themselves inside small dens. These dens were either narrow passages or shallow holes, which is just large enough for the dog to fit in and lie down. The dens that they find shelter in are just big enough for them to turn around and lie down at their comfort, in which it can provide protection against predators. The crate that you see these days are a just modernized version of dens that they take shelter in. It is also a way of providing them their private space. The dog crate can also aid them since it speeds up the process of housebreaking and lessens the destructive chewing during travel.

When you choose an indestructible dog cage, which is the basic factor that most buyers want from their purchase, you have to consider the following variables. You can’t just choose any dog crate or kennel to buy just for the sake of giving a private shelter to your pet dog.


There is a variety of dog kennels or dog crates available in the market. You can find an industrial dog crate type, which can be made out of steel. You will also find the plastic ones, too.

Plastic. They are generally made out of poly-blend material that has a chrome-plated bar door made from steel. Features of the plastic dog kennels come with a bottom that is leak-proof, and side panels that are well ventilated. It provides privacy to your dogs, not to mention it is approved by airlines if you wish to bring your dog with you.

Travel. Although this may not be considered as a material type, it is a term described to a dog kennel that is made out of a variety of materials, just like the plastic one. This one is considered a heavy duty dog kennel, as it provides superior durability and strength. It also features heavy duty construction, great visibility, and excellent ventilation. The travel crates are the best when it comes to driving or flying with your pet dog. It is also commonly used among dogs that undergo training.

Wired. Wired material type is also considered one of the indestructible dog cage as it provides maximum security, portability, and ventilation. You can find some can be folded down to a convenient size so that you can easily store them when they are not in use. Such dog cages are also easy to clean because it has a very open space.


The size of the dog crate must be large enough that it allows your dog space to move around. At the same time, there shouldn’t be too much space as well.

The dog must be able to straight up without hitting their head on the ceiling; they should also be able to turn around without difficulty and easily lay down on their side with the paws stretched without getting cramped.

The mistake that some dog owners do when buying dog crates is when choosing too large of a crate. They see this as giving their dog a favor by providing extra room for them. In other cases, they just buy a large dog crate for their puppies in preparation when their puppies turn into adult dogs.

But if you are to use the dog crate for training, which is expected of every dog owner, you need to take advantage of the dog’s natural instinct so as not to soil the area where they sleep. The dog crate must be large enough that they can use one end as their bedroom while the other end as their bathroom.

When the dog crate gets too large, it won’t be about giving security and safety to your dog anymore. Dogs won’t be able to enjoy their space since the size is just too much for them. They will feel more like they have to rattle around inside a huge empty room.

So what are you going to do with the size then? Experts suggest that you save money, then buy an adult sized crate and have it resized for your puppy. Like it was said above, many customers tend to buy the larger crates for their puppy because they consider the idea that dogs will grow big, which will save them from buying another crate. It can be a tough decision to make since you will need to buy a bigger crate when your puppy gets older. And if you add up all the crates you buy, it can be quite expensive.

So when you buy a dog crate, the best thing that you can do is to buy an adult sized dog crate and also purchase a divider. This will reduce the size of the crate, thus making it fit for your puppy. This way, they can grow out the crate that was bought for them. All you need is just take out the divider and they can still use the same dog crate you bought the first time. The dividers can either be a removable wire or the wooden panels wherein you can insert it inside the crate and adjust its size when available. You can also get a sealed cardboard box or wooden board that will suffice, which reduces the space.

Tips to Measure Your Dog for the Dog Crate

Step 1. Your dog must be standing on all fours. You take the length from the tip of the butt all the way to the tip of their nose for the first measurement. Avoid measuring from the tip of the tail as it will make the crate too large for them. Add between 2 and 4 inches to the result of the measurement, and you get the right length of the dog crate wherein they get to move around and stretch freely without having too much space.

Next step is to take the height of the dog while they are in their sitting position. The purpose of doing this is because some dogs get tall when they are in a seated position than when they are standing on their fours. Let your dog sit down and make sure they are sitting upright and proud. You measure the height from the tallest point of the dog’s head or nose to the base of the floor. Again, you add between 2 and 4 inches to the aforementioned result and that will be the shortest height the dog crate should be.

With all these measurements, you get to choose the perfectly sized crate for your dog.

Types of Dog Crates

Some of them may have already been mentioned above, but from this point on you will learn the pros and cons of each type. This way, you will get an informed decision of which dog crates that you should buy for your pet dog.

Soft-sided. The soft-sided dog crate is the best crate to bring with you when you go on long hour rides in cars or when you travel through the air. They are also ideal for carrying around a small dog, given that they are calm. This is also the lightest dog crate type you can buy in the market, making it really easy to move around and transport them. Also, you can fold it down and can be stored conveniently when you don’t use them. Many airline companies approve dogs that can travel with you in the cabin.

The disadvantage part of buying this kind of dog crate is that it is not suited for dogs or puppies that scratches, chews or when they don’t feel calm or settled inside the crate. The soft-sided type is not designed to withstand against a sort of aggressive behavior from a dog that wants to get out. They can be difficult to clean since they are made mostly of fabric. This means that it is not a good choice for dogs that are not properly trained to stay calm in the crate.

Plastic. The plastic type crates are the most common type purchased by dog owners. First is because they are usually easy on the eyes and they are not that too complicated to clean. All you need to do is just hose the insides and it is all clean. Generally, plastic type of dog crates is durable. You can even stack them up when they are not in use, especially when you own multiple dogs. Since most of its sides are solid, they provide more of a “den” feeling to them, making the most reactive dogs calmer. They are generally accepted by airline companies if you were to travel with your dog in a crate.

The disadvantage is that they can get chewed on, especially from a dog that is determined to do so. For example, you might find your dog chewing the outside of the crate. Another disadvantage is that plastic material absorbs odor, so it will take some time before you could completely eradicate the “dog odor” from it. Added to that, they can be bulky, not to mention you can never fold them to conveniently keep it away when not in use.

Metal. This can either be a wire or metal crates, which is commonly used among dog owners that consider themselves as “show dog” people. Many of them see it as the best option since it is a blend of the greatest features that the plastic and soft-sided types offer. They can be folded like the soft-sided type crates, thus making it easy to transport them to a dog show or when you travel. They are easy to clean – just hose it off like it is done with plastic. But unlike plastic, metal or wired crates can’t be broken easily by the dogs. It’s open air style gives more airflow inside. Since it is made out of metal, it doesn’t absorb dog odors.

The disadvantage of this type is specifically problematic for reactive dogs because of its see-through sides. Because of this, it is necessary to have it covered, but then that would negate the airflow. You can hose the crate when cleaning, but the dirt and dog hair that are stuck at the wires’ cross points can be almost impossible to take out. Most of the time it will just rust over time. Folding the wired crate is definitely a plus, but it can be the heaviest of all types.

Combo. From the word alone, it refers to the combination of two types into one, most especially with metal and plastic. There are various designs that come with this type, wherein some of them have wheels on it that can be maneuvered to a different location if needed. The plastic and metal parts depend on where they are placed, but they are generally seen as heavy duty steel dog crates.

The disadvantage of this type is that it is extremely heavy and it can be difficult to put it up together without another person to help you. Many buyers feel that the plastic part of the combo doesn’t fit really well with it. But when it comes to durability, it can withstand abuse for several years. It isn’t very popular among dog owners, though.

Choices for Dog Crates

Based on the information above you will likely look for the standard styles and designs available in the market. However, you might want to consider getting dog crates that have a dual purpose.

Furniture dog crates. There is an indestructible dog kennel that comes in a design that will never make you or your guests think it is a dog kennel. In fact, it is in a design of a furniture, which means that you can place your dog inside the living room and at the same time place their kennel over there.

One of them is the wooden crate, wherein it blends perfectly well with the home decor and it can also be utilized as a side table in the bedroom or living room, making it comfortable for your dog since they get right to be by your side.

Another style is the resin wicker dog kennel, wherein it comes built with feet wherein it elevates the crate to provide ventilation to your dog and at the same time protecting the floor and its removable pan which will catch debris from your dog such as a chewed up bone.

Travel crates. Again, this is already mentioned above, but this time you get to know more about this option, especially if you are fond of traveling with your dog. This is also the perfect choice if you wish to break down the crate when the guests in your home arrive. If you are fond of flying airlines when traveling, it is best that you go for the plastic crate.

The metal portable crate comes with a removable divider wherein it can be used as a way to size it up according to your dog’s size. You remove the divider when your dog has grown out to a size that needs more leg room for them to move around. There are no sides that are solid so the crate gets really cool even during summer months.

In other manufacturers, they have their own registered pen, like an exercise pen. This is only available for selected brands, wherein it is made out of soft yet sturdy fabric that is best used for your dog when you take him or her to the park and they need some rest. It is like their own camper home, too. Talking about camping, you can also use the same crate during camping, riding the vehicle at the back or when watching her or his owner play a sports game.

Outdoor dog crates and dog houses. If you prefer to keep your dog outdoors, your option for this one would be either a dog house or an outdoor dog crate. But you will only do this when you have trained them and are comfortable with being in the crate when you are not nearby.

The first option you’ve got is the Bungalow Dog House type wherein its got a roof that is asphalt-singed, not to mention it is entirely made of dense wood that is both rot and pest resistant.

The other option is the Eco Bunkhouse, which is an eco-friendly and good looking dog house that is made out of wood fiber and recycled polymers. It is resistant to moisture, rot, and pests, not to mention weatherproof, too. This is a good piece to put on a lawn as it will be a decoration.

Fashion crates. Just like the name suggests, they are fashionable enough to turn heads to it. They are designed to contain dogs that are well-behaved and contained and at the same time attractive enough that they blend in really well into the theme or design of your home’s interior. These are like the dog crates that serve a dual purpose, and of course, they can be very expensive. However, this is a highly recommended for households that want to have a dog crate that doesn’t need to be folded down and put away when there are guests in the living room. Just keep in mind that they are not the best option to choose when you have a very aggressive and destructive dog. The reason is because these fashion dog crates are made entirely of wood or other attractive materials that are not built with durability in mind.

Dog Crates for Cars

Many households love to bring their dogs along when they travel, yet some of them are afraid that something will happen to them when an unforeseen accident comes, like getting into a car crash. While that kind of situation happening is like one in a million probability to happen, the problem here is you don’t know when it is going to happen. There is no problem when taking dogs on a crash-tested harness that is reputed to make dogs safe, yet when your car is fully packed for the travel, you’d wish that there is something your dog can be in when there is no more room for them in the back seat. You will find it easier, not to mention very comfortable for them when they can be loose enough inside a secure, escape proof dog crate.

Whichever dog crate you choose, it gives you the ability to strap it to the back of your car, making it secure. You don’t want to put wired crates at the back of your car since it can easily get crushed, even if it is touted to be indestructible. There is a high possibility that your pet dog will get skewered by the wires. It is already obvious that you don’t want the soft-sided crates as it will easily squish your dog from the items you’ve packed in your car. Plastic might be the only remaining type of dog crate for this option, but it can only withstand for a specific amount of force. However, it can hold back much amount compared to the first two mentioned dog crate types.

For car safety, the reputable dog crate that fits such description is the Ruff Tough Kennel. These dog crates were designed to be placed inside the car, strapped and even stacked. They are lightweight compared to wired crates, not to mention very convenient to clean. There are no weak points to this type of dog crate since they are made a single piece.

Smithbuilt Heavy Duty Indestructible Dog Crate

Another one of those escape proof dog crate, but this time at a more sensible price that anyone can afford. This is considered by the experts as an industrial dog crate, due to how intimidating it looks. It is made out of high quality steel, making the whole dog cage really strong and indestructible. It has an inescapable feature wherein dogs can stay calm after they have undergone the aggressive phase. It can also last for many years, too, at least for one or two decades, or even more. Its front door comes with locked 2 slides bolt latches. At its top opening is a secured latch, too. There were various reports about this dog cage wherein its locking mechanism, as they’ve observed it, is quite weak, although it can be made safe by using the standard padlock, which you can buy separately at any hardware store. Smithbuilt has also made this dog cage that is protected against rust, corrosion, and fading, with coating a multi-layer finish, which many experts say it is better compared to the powder coat paints like on other dog crate brands.

With the floor tray, this makes this dog crate amazing for cleaning, especially when you have a dog or puppy that tends to have soiling habits inside the dog crate. It is also worth to take note that its floor is made out of steel that has a protective coating that is proven to protect against rust, retaining nasty smells or warping that is caused by various factors on what dogs can do, like toilet accidents.

This particular dog crate is obviously designed for the budget conscious dog crate buyer. You will be amazed at how cheap this dog crate is when you compare it with another similar crate by Proseelct. Many reviews made by customers revealed that even if it is quite cheap, it still performed its job well. Many customers find that cheaper products have compromises, but it is not the same with this one. If you have this hunch that your dog has this mild temper and has a not too strong physical attributes, this is the perfect dog crate for you.

Since this dog crate is made out of steel, it means that its overall weight can be quite heavy. So carrying this cage during trips or travel is a big no-no, even if it comes with the caster wheels. However, the caster wheels still make it up if you wish to change the location of this dog cage somewhere else. The caster wheels make it easier for you to push your crate through the floor in various locations.